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Here at Walkers have been making the nation's favourite snacks since 1948. Walkers use great British potatoes, slice them thinly and flavour them to perfection, ensuring that our taters are ready for crunching. It's really as simple as that. Find your favourite Walkers crisps in Walkers huge range of flavours, whether that's in a multipack or a crisps box. Proper snacking doesn't get better than this. Multipack of delicious snacks ideal for your lunch.Please see below what is included in the Hero Mix.
  • Walkers Baked Sea Salt Crisps 6 x 22 g - Walkers Baked are baked twice for extra crispy crunchiness. Made with our finest quality ingredients, this range is Baked and never fried with all the great flavour you love from Walkers and 50% Less Fat. Perfect to bring a tasty crunch to your lunch. These tasty snacks are suitable for vegetarians.
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  • Monster Munch Variety Crisps 12 x 20g - Tasty pickled onion, roast beef and flamin' hot flavour Monster Munch potato snacks. Each case contains 12 multipacks of Monster Munch roast beef - that's 192 individual monstrous treats. Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Wotsits Really Cheesy Multipack 12 x 16.5g - Walkers Wotsits are deliciously cheesy snacks. It just so happens that they are 90 calories per bag. Wotsits cheese snacks contain no artificial colours. Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Tangy Cheese Tortilla 180g - Doritos tooth-rattling crunch paired with the intense tangy cheese flavour creates a truly bold snack. Suitable for vegetarians and contain no artificial colours or flavours.
  • Chilli Heatwave Tortilla 180g - Suitable for vegetarians and contain no artificial colours or flavours.
  • Walkers Classic Variety Crisps 20 x 25g - Includes 20 individual bags including ready salted (six packs), cheese and onion (six packs), salt and vinegar (six packs), prawn cocktail (six packs). Suitable for vegetarians, no artificial colours, preservatives or MSG.
  • Walkers Quavers Cheese Multipack Snacks 12 x 16g - Walkers Quavers snacks are crunchy, melty and pleasingly cheesy curly little snacks. It just so happens that they are 86 calories per bag. Quavers cheese snacks contain no artificial flavours. Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Roast Chicken And Thyme Sharing Crisps 150 g - Sensations Roasted Chicken and Thyme Crisps combine the comforting aroma of roast chicken with fragrant notes of lemon and thyme. Not suitable for vegetarians.
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