Tristar 4 Way Distribution Amplifier Non-Adjustable Coax Socket 4G Filter 12dB

By Tristar
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This non-adjustable coax socket distribution amplifier from Tristar used to improve picture and sound quality by amplifying weak UHF TV signals or FM/dab radio signals, helping you to get the best quality available. It's been specially designed for interior use. Model name: 28132TR Built in bypass for use with sky satellite receivers Amplify the signal to 4 secondary outlets Integrated 4G filter to remove interference Full automatic adjustment Switched power supply Frequency - VHF: 47-230 MHz WEEE compliant Connection type: Coax socket Number of inputs: 2 Number of outputs: 4 Gain: 12dB
  • Material: Metal, Plastic
  • Model details: 0.9 Electric
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Best Quality, Integrated 4g Filter, Weee Compliant.
  • Amplifier Metal, Plastic Black
  • Included: Amplifier.
  • Size: