Makita Fast Battery Charger Compact Corded DC18RC 3A Li-ion 14.4 - 18V LXT 240V

By Makita
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The Makita DC18RC 14.4V to 18V Li-ion battery charger is an ideal power source for large jobs as it can charge all 14.4V and 18V Makita Li-ion batteries to full power in approximately 22 minutes. An impressive amount of power is packed into the charger's lightweight and compact design meaning that the Makita DC18RC remains easy to store and transport. Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect either, so you can charge them up on the Makita DC18RC whenever you need to without damaging their ability to hold charge.
  • Compatible with Makita lithium batteries ranging from 14.4v to 18v
  • Includes plug
  • CE marked
  • Standard EN60745
  • Battery status indicator: Charging, full charge, error
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Compact, Fast Charger, Lightweight, Easy To Store
  • Battery Charger Multicoloured
  • Included: Makita Battery Charger With Plug
  • Date: (H) 140 x (W) 260x (D) 206mm 1.05kg