Mac Allister Garden Leaf Blower Vacuum Electric MBVP 50L Mulcher Outdoor 3000W

By Mac Allister
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A multitasking machine providing 3 in 1 functions of blowing, vacuuming and mulching with quick change lever to switch between modes
  • Material: Plastic
  • t features double mulching system. The aluminium fan which is highly durable and impact resistant even against small stones and metal blade helps in mulching thinner leaves while protecting the fan at the same time. Offers variable speed (6000-14000 min ¯¹)
  • The machine has provision of removable waste cover for easy cleaning and removal of debris after use. Patio head for vacuuming flat surfaces. Single shoulder harness for added support and comfort
  • Telescopic tube and adjustable handle aid in choosing a more comfortable working position
  • Please note: you need to fully extend the extension tube prior to use.
  • Capacity: Unknown50 L
  • Features: Collection Bag, Shoulder Strap, Mulching System, Durable, Impact Resistant
  • Leaf Blower/Vacuum Combo Plastic Black Modern
  • Included: Garden Blower & Vacuum, Shoulder Strap, Bag
  • 5.75 Kg