Door Window Alarm Control Sensor Home Security App Control Wireless Modern

By Hive
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This sensor will send an alert to your smartphone if a window or door is opened or closed. You can turn these notifications on and off as you please.
  • Battery included
  • Compatibility: Amazon alexa, Google home-IFTTT, iOS app & android app
  • Green star claim - A motion sensor is responsible for turning a light on when it senses presence and off when it's no longer there. This can help reduce your home's energy consumption.*
  • Sends an alert to a smartphone if the windows or doors are opened or closed. Requires hive hub or hive active heating
  • Includes a tamper alert
  • Requires hub
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Battery, Flashing LED, Light Sensor
  • Door Alarm White Modern
  • Included: Room control sensor
  • Date: (W)35 x (D)24 mm