Pneumatic Dual Flush Toilet Cistern Black Heavy Duty 6/4L Top/Front Access

By Fluidmaster
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Side-entry cistern with top and front access. Can be used to achieve a recognised air gap arrangement. Supplied with pneumatic dual flush valve and heavy-duty, brass shank fill valve. Water-saving delay fill uses optimum amount of water required after cistern has emptied. Flush plate / button sold separately.
  • Top & Front Access
  • Dual-Flush
  • Top & Front Access
  • Capacity: Unknown6/4 L
  • Features: Heavy Duty, Durable, Easy To Use
  • Cistern Black Modern
  • Included: Cistern, dual flush valve and Air Gap Water Saving fill valve (6000 Series)
  • Date: (H)315 x (W)337 x (D)135 mm