Fissler Induction Conical Pan Conical Pan with Stem 20 cm

By Fissler
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Size: 20 cm Product Description Fissler conical pan, original-profi collection, 20 cm for 1.7 litres. The conical, sturdy saute pan is suitable for all heat sources including induction cook pots and is dishwasher-safe thanks to 18/10 stainless steel. The encapsulated cookstar-all-stove base heats the pot quickly, uniformly and saves energy. The convenient pouring rim helps in spill-proof and targeted pouring and transferring. The large and handy cold metal handle lies securely in the hand and remains cool even when cooking on the stove. The measuring scale on the inner side of the pot helps in pouring liquids. For decades, Fissler GmbH has stood for high-quality cookware characterised by precise workmanship, high utility and stylish, well thought-out design. Whether it is pans, pressure cookers, casseroles or woks: Fissler products are produced in sophisticated production processes and only leave the factory after strict quality controls. Box Contains: 1 x Pan
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Model details: 1009699
  • High-quality conical pan for beginners in the professional league, for cooking aromatic and juicy dishes - feel like a top-chef everyday
  • The conical pan is extremely sturdy and insensitive to scratches and stains and can be held by the handy cold metal handles without potholders - cooking without complications
  • The conical pan is perfect for searing small pieces of meat, making delicious sauces or stew fresh vegetables.
  • Delivery contents: 1 conical pan original-profi collection (Ø 20 cm) / original Fissler conical pan for all stove types, incl. induction / Made in Germany
  • Create special menus in the oven and then simply clean in the dishwasher - for ambitious hobby cooks, the oven and dishwasher-safe saute pans are indispensable
  • Capacity: Unknown1.8 litres
  • SaucePan Stainless Steel Silver
  • Included: 1 x Pan
  • Size: 38.1 x 10.2 x 20.3 cm 1.14 Kg