DeWalt Drop-in-Anchor Lipped Zinc Plated Internally Threaded Box 25 ZP M16x65

By DeWalt
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Internally threaded wedge anchor with lip for simple hammer-set installation
  • Zinc plated internally threaded expansion anchor.
  • ETA Option 7 approval (CE approved) for uncracked concrete.
  • ETA Part 6 approval for multiple use for non-structural fixings.
  • F120 fire resistance
  • Product is covered with European Technical Assessment for multi-point non-structural fixings
  • Electrical fittings and conduit; Ventilation; Air conditioning systems; Suspended ceilings; Seating; Barriers and rails.
  • Easy to install by hammer action and manual setting tool
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Drop in Anchor Silver
  • Included: 25 x DeWALT Drop-in-Anchor Lipped Box 25 ZP M16x65
  • (L)65 mm