Bosch Leaf Air Blower Vacuum Garden Shredder Electric Handheld 3in1 50L 3000W

By Bosch
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The UniversalGardenTidy is the 3-in-1 solution for efficiently clearing garden debris.
  • Airflow 285km/h
  • This versatile ProSilence gardening tool reduces the sound power level by up to 75%, producing an exceptionally low noise level of 99 dB (A).
  • Blowing, vacuuming, shredding –switching between modes is fast and easy.
  • Moisture-repellent Dirt Deflectors on the collection bag ensure water and debris are diverted to the ground.
  • A metal fan provides optimum performance for longer operating times, and its larger volute makes clearing blockages easy and safe.
  • Enjoy flexible and efficient garden clearing with fully variable speeds in both blow and vacuum mode.
  • Sound pressure level 99dB(A)
  • Capacity: Unknown50L
  • Features: Collection Bag, Long Nozzle, Shoulder Strap, Variable Speed
  • Leaf Blower/Vacuum Combo Multicoloured
  • Included: Blower Vacuum, 1x Padded Shoulder strap, 1x Power supply unit, 1x 50 l collection bag, 1x Vacuum tube, 1x Blower nozzle
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