Metal Legs Sturdy Design For Versatile Workspaces Garden Outdoor Projects

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Bench legs provide sturdy support and stability to benches, ensuring a reliable seating or working surface. Easy to install and adjustable in height, bench legs cater to different preferences and requirements. Their reliable construction and thoughtful design make them essential components for creating functional and visually appealing benches.
  • Material: Metail
  • Modern design
  • Stability
  • Supporting Structure
  • Designed to withstand the weight and movement of individuals sitting or leaning on the bench, ensuring a sturdy and secure seating surface
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Durable, Easy Installation, Long Life
  • Bench Legs Metail Industrial
  • Included: Bench Legs (1 pair)
  • Date: (H)500 x (W)390 mm