Power Cube Extended Socket Cable Lead Electric 4 Outlets 2 USB Ports White 3m

By Allocacoc
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Socket multiplier: Converts 1 wall outlet into 4 outlets without blocking the other. Most extensive version: standard 3 metre extension lead fitted to it and plugs straight into any standard wall socket. Unique mounting system: enables you to mount the PowerCube on your desk or underneath it.
  • Socket type: Type G
  • No. of outlets: 4
  • Rated AC : MAX 13A/250V~
  • No. of USB-outlets : 2
  • USB output : 2.1A 5V
  • Cable thickness : 3x1.25mm²
  • No blockage: avoids outlet blockage, keeping things easy and efficient
  • Modular design for added functionality
  • USB ports x 2: Inbuilt let you charge your Smartphone and Tablet simultaneously
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Mounting Dock, Removable Tapes, Childproof, Grounded, CableFix, USB Port
  • Socket Multiplier White
  • Included: Allocacoc Socket Multiplier 7404/UKEUPC, Mounting Dock, Removable Tapes
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