Worcester Bosch Greenstar System Domestic Gas Boiler 12i 12.2KW

By Worcester Bosch
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System boiler suitable for a wide range of properties. Includes a steel wall-mounting jig that allows pipes to go behind the boiler and provides the ability to pre-install all of the pipework before the boiler is placed on the wall. Plug and play accessories including optional facia mounted controls and internal diverter valve kits Large condensate siphon included to prevent risk of frozen condensate. Heatronic i control panel allows adjustment of flow temperature with ease, optimising boiler efficiency and fuel consumption. Perfect replacement for previous i System models due to identical mounting points. Fitting instructions: Flue length 60\100mm horizontal concentric 4.6m, flue length 60\100mm vertical concentric 6.4m, flue length 80\125mm horizontal concentric 13m, flue length 80\125mm vertical concentric 15m SAP Seasonal Efficiency: 88.8% Energy saving trust recommended Nox Emissions: 45 mg/kWh Pre-Installed Expansion Tank Single sided front case Pre-wired mains cable Benchmark menu in boiler On-board operational information and diagnostics
  • Model details: 7733600010 12 kW 41626Btu Gas
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Single Sided Front Case, Pre-Installed Expansion Tank, Heatronic i Control Panel, Low Lift Weight,Pre-wired Mains Cable, Benchmark Menu In Boiler
  • Boiler White
  • Included: Large Condensate Siphon, Steel Wall-Mounting Jig
  • Size: (H)710 x (W)400 x (D)330mm 30.9 kg