Collage Wallpaper Countryside Photo Theme Trendy Home Decoration 27.5 x 37.5cm

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A Creative Collage is composed of 64 individually designed pieces of photo wallpaper, each measuring 28.5x38.5 cm, which can be applied to any wall in the home or office.
  • Material: Paper
  • The parts can be overlapped as a stylish collage
  • The easy-to-apply parts give a fantastic and unique effect to the room in question, designed and made entirely by you!
  • Creative Collage is suitable for walls of all sizes.
  • The glue is included in the package
  • 64 individually designed photo wallpaper sections of 27.5x37.5 cm
  • Trendy wall decoration
  • Suitable for every wall in the home or office
  • Countryside theme collage
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Trendy, Wall Decoration, Collage, Stylish, Easy To Apply
  • Photo Wallpaper Paper Green ModernModern
  • Included: Wallpaper 27.5x37.5cm, Glue
  • Date: 27.5 x 37.5 cm 1.1 Kg