Truka Cooking Heat Diffuser 16cm Small for Gas Electric Solid fuel Cookers

By Truka
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The Trucka heat diffuser is a handy gadget that spreads heat evenly accross the base of the pan, ideal for simmering sauces, casseroles and soup. Made from double layer tin it is compatible with most brands of saucepans and can also be used when a flame is too large, or to prevent pans from over boiling.Suitable for use with gas, electric rings, and solid fuel cookers only. 16cm diameter.
  • Material: Metal
  • Model details: 6600159
  • Prevents liquids boiling over
  • Compatible with most brands of saucepan
  • Spreads heat evenly across the base
  • Can be used when flame is too large
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Heat diffuser Metal Silver
  • Size: 16m