Timberland Work Trousers PRO Interax Black Multiple Pockets Rainforced Knees 34R

By Timberland
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Work trousers with holster pockets. Made with built-in stretch and an outer layer that resists moisture, oil, and stains
  • Material: 42% recycled polyester/23% cotton/35% eco stretch
  • Model details: 0.09
  • Breathable/temperature control​
  • Holster pockets
  • Resists moisture, oil, and stains.
  • Secure thigh zip pocke
  • Mimix™ performance technology utilizes strategically-placed stretch panels for range-of-movement
  • MIPAN® aqua X® multi- functional nylon yarn
  • Reinforced internal knee pad pockets accommodate Timberland PRO® Anti-Fatigue Technology inserts
  • Multiple functional pockets at hip and thigh
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Comfort, Moisture Resistant, Breathable
  • Trousers 42% recycled polyester/23% cotton/35% eco stretch Black
  • Included: Timberland PRO Interax Work Holster Trousers
  • Size: 34R