Terma Towel Rail Radiator Flat Brass Effect Bathroom Warmer (H)108.5x(W)52cm

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The Terma Rolo Brass effect 520mm x 1085mm towel warmer features super chunky 40mm diameter bars creating a very sturdy looking towel rail design.
  • Material: Low Carbon Steel
  • The oversized bars on Rolo Towel help offer increased heat outputs meaning this design will suffice if your towel rail is the only heat source in the bathroom.
  • The brackets on the Rolo are located on the rear of the uprights leaving the full width of the bars free for hanging towels.
  • The Brass colour from Terma has a matt, metallic, smooth texture and is perfectly matched with period style bathrooms with brass pipes and accessories or a modern bathroom seeking an edge.
  • Rolo Towel can also be fitted as dual fuel - whereby it can run on the central heating in the winter and as electric in the summer. You simply need a Terma heating element and the Terma Integrated Valve with Immersion Tube (no T piece required with this valve) to easily install as dual fuel (590h = 800w, 755h = 400w, 1085h = 600w, 1360h = 800w, 1800h = 1000w element)
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Indoor, Durable, Compact
  • Towel Rail Radiator Low Carbon Steel Gold ModernModern
  • Included: Towel Rail, Brackets, Wall Fixings
  • (H)1085 x (W)520 mm 17 Kg