Steinel Electric Heat Gun HL1620S 2 Heat Settings 1 Air Flow Setting 1600W 240V

By Steinel
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2-stage air flow heat gun for drying plasterwork, shrinking on cable sleeves, thawing frozen water pipes and much more. Features an optimised centre of gravity for fatigue-free one-handed working. Integrated thermal cut-out to prevent overheating.
  • Material: Metal, plastic
  • Model details: 0.09 Electric 1600W 240V
  • Drying plasterwork has never been easier, stripping paint turns into sheer pleasure and waxing skis
  • Weighting 670 g and with an optimised centre of gravity, this hot air tool fits comfortably into the hand and permits fatigue-free working
  • Finished to a high standard of quality, the HL 1620 S hot air blower is built to last a good 20% longer than the predecessor model
  • Depending on needs, there are two temperature settings to choose from: 300 and 500 C
  • Impressive 1600 watts of power, airflow rate adjustable to two settings (240/450 l/min)
  • With integrated thermal cut-out to prevent overheating. Suitable for all standard nozzles (apart from reduction nozzles)
  • The HL 1620 S hot air pistol is always a huge help when it comes to thawing frozen water pipes, shrinking on cable sleeves, drying wet paint
  • Airflow: 240 L/min.
  • Air Temperature: 300-500°C.
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Easy to use, Compact, Lightweight, 2 Heat Settings, Overheating Protection
  • Heat Gun Metal, plastic Blue
  • Included: Steinel Electric Heat Gun HL1620S
  • Size: