SoL Glass Coffee Cup 12 oz /340ml Cups Travel Mug Radiant Rose Reusable

By SoL
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Perfect standard size for your coffee, no leakage, a delight to drink from and super stylish too! The rubber case around the middle sufficiently blocks the heat from your hands while the rubber lid is easy to slip on and off, but not so easy that it falls off.
  • Material: Glass, Silicone
  • Model details: Rose
  • Our glasses are Hand blown, not machine made! They are lightweight, ultra crystal clear and are like nothing you’ve ever had before.
  • We are for ending waste and embracing taste. Our beautiful handblown glass cups designed to keep the heat in, and the nasties out. They’re sustainable, safe to use, and look after our environment.
  • With that in mind, we’ve created an initiative within our product to meet an important and growing demand – it’s portable, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and can be used with minimal hassle, so you can enjoy your coffee or tea with zero concern for your health.
  • We designed SoL Cups to help people move from a throwaway mindset to a more environmentally supportive one, so we can all be kind to the world around us.
  • They’re portable, convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and infinitely reusable.
  • BPA and Chemical Free
  • Microwave friendly
  • Safely used in the dishwasher
  • Capacity: Unknown12 oz /340ml
  • Features: Reusable, Suitable for Hot Beverages, With Lid, Easy to Clean, Dishwsher safe, Environmentally friendly
  • Travel Mug Glass, Silicone Pink
  • Included: 1 x Coffee Cup
  • Size: 12 oz / 340ml