Simons Voss Smart Security Door Key System Wireless Digital Pin Code 3 Fobs Set

By Simons Voss
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Includes 3 electronic keys and one USB programming device to program MobileKey electronic door cylinders easily and securely. Includes wireless, surface-mounted pincode keypad with a 4-8 digit code. Works with the MobileKey web app to manage lock plan and electronic keys. Compatible with Windows 7 or Higher. For up to 20 doors with 100 users, the MobileKey system is by far the most economical and easy to set-up solution from Simons Voss, offering the same high quality of design and operation, whilst giving you a simplified easy-to-use setup interface with quick and easy no-hassle programming that anyone can do without a fuss. The MobileKey system works by synchronising the programming data via your PC software, web portal, or mobile app, so that once everything has been set up once, you can control and manage who has access and when, without the need to physically use their transponder to do so. When they arrive at the door and try to unlock it, if there have been any changes, these are immediately synchronised before allowing access, in order to ensure any new restrictions are enforced. Transponder is a digital ‘key' which is programmed with locking plan software and functions using contactless, wireless communication. All functions are activated by pressing a button. These include authorisation identification and the opening and locking of doors, gates, barriers, furniture locks and similar elements. The transponder communicates with digital components - cylinders, Smart Relay and activation units - by sending and receiving continually changing crypto codes, which ensure that the system cannot be misused.
  • Model details: 0.09
  • Compatible with Windows 7 or Higher.
  • 4-8 Digit Code Length
  • 3 x - MobileKey transponders: The MobileKey transponder is the electronic key in the MobileKey system. Equipped with a high-performance battery, the transponder activates up to 400,000 locks. The digital "key" addresses the electronic locking cylinder wirelessly, which can only be actuated with valid authorization. If the transponder is lost, it can be blocked in no time - a new one can be configured individually with a click of the mouse. (G2)
  • 1 x - MobileKey PinCode keyboard: Open your doors with a 4 to 8 digit code. You can attach the ultra-flat PIN code keypad indoors and outdoors without cables and even mount it on glass. Save time and money by e.g. B. Assign a special code for the entrance door at conferences or evening gatherings.
  • 1 x - MoibileKey USB programming device: The small, compact USB programming device MoibileKey gives operators of small and micro locking systems the opportunity to maintain control over their locking system at low cost. You can use it to create a locking system, program components and manage access authorizations. The USB programming device is offered together with the easy-to-use MobileKey web application. With the compact USB programming device, you can automatically transfer all data to the locking components in your MobileKey system. A Windows (7 or higher) computer (PC, notebook, netbook or tablet) with a USB connection is required to program the components. Further versions of the programming app are in preparation.
  • Protection class: IP 65, For Internal & External Use
  • Wireless Range Restrictions: Electronic interference from appliances or physical obstruction, such as brick walls, metal frames and floors, can reduce the wireless range. A signal weakens every time it encounters an obstruction.
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Wireless, Economical and Easy to Set-Up, Internal & External Use, Wire-free
  • Mobile Key Starter Kit Multicoloured
  • Included: 3 Fobs, 1 Keypad, 1 USB Key
  • Date: (H)x13.7 x (Dia)42mm