Rapid PBS121 30mm Second Fix Air Nail Gun / Stapler

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Small, lightweight and ideal for DIY. Long lasting die-cast aluminium stapler / nail gun with a grip-friendly handle. Dual magazine fires both staples and brads. Compatible with Rapid No.606 Staples (12-30mm) and Rapid No.8 Brads (15-30mm). Applications include panelling, furniture repair, refurbishing work, finish and trim. 20mm nose, with a no-mar pad to protect surfaces and a flat front for easy access in difficult areas. Adjustable depth of drive to suit application. 360° adjustable system ensures exhaust air is not vented into the users face. Quick-load magazine to reload with speed. No-limitation fire rate. Easy-to-clear mechanism removes jams with no fuss. Supplied in a hard plastic case.
  • Model details: PBS121
  • Fires 18ga 12-30mm Brads / Staples
  • Sequential Trigger Action
  • Depth Adjustment
  • Non-Marking Nose
  • Adjustable Top Exhaust
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Nail Gun
  • Size: 0.008