Mira Manual Electric Shower Sport Multi-Fit White Riser Rail 9kW 4-Spray Pattern

By Mira
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Replace your existing shower with ease - The Mira Sport Multifit retro-fits over 97% of all electric showers. Make showering safe for the family with anti scalding, SensiFlo technology. Maintain a steady showering temperature with pressure stabilised control and all year round high flow performance with Opti-Flo.
  • Model details: 0.09 9 kW Electric
  • Suitable for Cold Mains Water Only
  • Delivers 6Ltr/min at 0.7bar
  • Push-Button Start / Stop
  • Rotary Power Control
  • Manual Temperature Control
  • Riser Rail
  • 4-Spray Pattern Shower Head
  • Cable Entry Points Top, Bottom & Rear
  • Max. Shower Flow Rate 8 Ltr/min
  • Maximum Bar Pressure 5 bar
  • Max Water Temperature 48 °C
  • Min. Shower Flow Rate 4 Ltr/min
  • Minimum Bar Pressure 0.7 bar
  • Automatic Water Failure Shutdown
  • Round shower head shape 110 mm
  • Min. Shower Flow Rate 4 Ltr/min
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Rotary Flow Control, Manual Temperature Control, Riser Rail, 4-Spray Pattern
  • Electric Shower System White Modern
  • Included: Fixings
  • Size: (H)343 x (W)237 x (D)96mm 3.85 kg