Makita Battery Charger Rapid DC18RC 7.2V-18V Lithium-Ion UK Plug

By Makita
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During the charging process, the Rapid Optimum Charger monitors actively controls the current, voltage and temperature.
  • Model details: 0.09 230 V
  • Can charge batteries of 14.4 - 18 V
  • Blow air cools the battery while charging so that the airflow cools all cells equally efficiently
  • This avoids uneven temperature distribution and extends battery life
  • A microchip from the battery communicates with the charger during charging and analyzes the condition of the battery.
  • Display indicates battery failure.
  • Fully charged battery in just 22 minutes.
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Monitoring power, Temperature monitoring, Monitoring voltage.
  • Battery Charger Black
  • Size: (H)84 x (W)190 x (D)156mm