Mac Allister Pressure Washer Attachment Kit Cleaner And Extension Lance 2 Pieces

By Mac Allister
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This patio cleaner is designed to remove stubborn from patios and paths, with a large brush that means you can cover a large surface area quickly and it also includes a built detergent tank. Compatible with our range of Mac Allister pressure washers.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Compatible with MPWP100D-2, MPWP100D-3, MPWP1800-2, MPWP2100-2, MPWP1800-3, MPWP2200,MPWP2700,PPWP1400,PPWP1800, PPWP2200
  • Quick connect system means it's easy to connect and interchange accessories
  • Includes rotating patio brush for quick and easy cleaning of paths and patios that helps to lift dirt and grime
  • Includes extension lance for extended reach for hard to reach areas
  • Features in-built detergent tank, so you can use the desired cleaner, making cleaning easier
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Quick connect, Easy To Use, Easy cleaning
  • Pressure Washer Brush Plastic Multicoloured Modern
  • Included: Comes with 1x extension lance
  • Date: 1.4 Kg