Knauf Elo Roll Loft Insulation Roll (L)4.83m (W)1.14m (T)200mm

By Knauf
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Specifically made for the thermal upgrade of loft spaces, at ceiling level, Eko Insulation has all your insulation needs covered. Manufactured by one of the UK’s leading insulation manufacturer’s, Knauf Insulation, Eko Insulation is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable products around - it’s made using recycled glass. Odourless, rot proof, non-hygroscopic, does not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria. Easy to handle and install, being lightweight and easily cut to size. Supplied in polythene packs which are designed for short term protection only. For longer term protection on site, the product should be stored either indoors, or under cover and off the ground. EkoRoll should not be left permanently exposed to the elements
  • Material: Wool
  • Model details: 200mm Super Top Up Layer
  • Coverage 5.5m²
  • R-value (thermal resistance) 4.5m²K/W
  • Capacity: Unknown5.5m²
  • Features: Wool, Lightweight, Easily cut to size
  • Loft Insulation Wool
  • Size: (H)200 x (W)1140 x (L)4830mm