Festool Kapex Circular Saw Blade Fine Tooth TCT T80 260 x 2.5 x 30mm

By Festool
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Tungsten carbide-tipped, fine-tooth blade for smooth cuts in veneered plywood, sheet goods, melamine and hard and soft woods. Incorporates an ATB (Alternating Top Bevel) offset tooth design, allowing the blade to cut alternately to the left and right, generating a more efficient and cleaner cut in all types of wood. Thin-kerfed blade design meets less resistance for more efficient cutting, producing less material waste. Oversized 30mm bore enables more secure fastening of the blade to the saw, further reducing vibration for more precise cutting. Suitable for use with the Festool Kapex Mitre Saw (Code 6679P and 3366P).
  • Blade type-, Blade Diameter-260 mm, Disc Bore Size- 30 mm
  • Model details: 494605
  • Fine Clean Cut
  • Cutting Width (Kerf): 2.5mm
  • Tungsten Carbide-Tipped Teeth
  • Rake Angle: -5°
  • Lacquer Coating
  • Oversized Bore Reduces Vibration
  • Number of Teeth 80
  • Without Reduction Rings
  • Replaceable Carbon Brushes
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Circular Saw Blade Silver
  • Size: