DAYTOX Face Oil 30 ml

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The quickly absorbed day and night dry oil, Daytox Face Oil, with precious almond and argan oil nurtures the sensitive skin of face and neck and helps to stimulate the body`s natural cell healing mechanisms. The luxurious blend of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin E supports the skin`s rejuvenation process. The skin is revitalised overnight, feeling wonderfully refreshed in the morning. For a natural, complete anti-ageing effect. Meadowfoam Oil: High vitamin C content, makes the skin feel silky-smooth Almond Oil: Nourishing, soothing oil, improves the skin's elasticity Argan Oil: Gives the skin maximum vitality and elasticity, protects the skin against dryness
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  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Serums & Fluids
  • Size: 30ml