Coravin Wine Preservation Model 2 Elite Red 2 Capsules Keeps Bottle Closed

By Coravin
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Coravin protects the wine from oxidation by Coravins technology , which leaves the cork in place when pouring wine from the bottle and at the same time fills the bottle with argon gas.
  • Model details: 2 Elite
  • Coravin Model 2 is one of the most revolutionary products in the world of wine .
  • The wine can be kept for several months in the bottle.
  • New better and stronger needle which is 20% faster than the original needle.
  • Clamp device that is very easy to operate and provides a secure grip on the bottle.
  • Coravins gas capsules technology ensures that the bottle keeps closed.
  • Gas capsules containing 99.99 % pure argon gas protects the remaining wine from oxidation.
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Storage System Red
  • Included: 2 capsules
  • Size: