Cole and Mason Bobbi Pepper and Salt Mill Grinder Gift Set With Mill Tray

By Cole and Mason
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A set of acrylic salt and pepper mills, Bobbi model of the English brand Cole & Mason.In addition to the grinders, the set includes a practical acrylic base for both grinders. The presented grinders are made of acrylic, gracefully surrounded by a steel rim. The acrylic is fully transparent, so you can control what spice and how much of it is inside. Acrylic is a high quality material, it does not turn yellow like glass or plastic, it is also more durable than them. The grinders are 18.5 cm high. The pepper mill is equipped with a precision mechanism made of hardened carbon steel, which is more durable than other steel mechanisms. The salt mill, on the other hand, has a precision ceramic mechanism that is resistant to corrosion, so it is ideal for grinding salt. Both the ceramic and steel mechanisms are highly efficient and very durable, which is confirmed by the lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer for the grinding mechanisms. Both grinders have a grinding adjustment, so your dishes will taste differently from now on. and you can easily fill them with spice. When using the grinders, remember a few rules: grind only sea salt, do not use more rocky salt, which may damage the mechanism, store the pepper in a dry place, the grinder will not grind wet pepper, while grinding, move the mechanism clockwise, do not use the grinder over highly steaming food, e.g. over a boiling soup, when refilling the grinder with spices, unscrew the top screw, pour in the seasoning, put on the upper body part by slightly turning the screw, then turn the grinder upside down and shake it slightly so that the seasoning is not in the mechanism and now tighten the screw, do not tighten the screw as far as it will go - this causes wear to the mechanism and makes grinding difficult. By following these few rules, you will enjoy your grinders for many years to come.
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Model details: H57213P
  • The Cole & Mason Precision mechanism does not crush peppercorns but strips them to release the maximum amount of flavour with each turn.
  • We recommend using high quality peppercorns and coarse rock salt in mills.
  • Sleek, slender shaped salt and pepper mills with a contemporary look, to add style to any table whilst remaining an everyday kitchen tool.
  • Both grinders have a grinding adjustment.
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Easy to use, Stylish, With Tray
  • Hand Mill set Acrylic Clear
  • Included: 1 x Set of Mills with tray
  • Size: 18.5 cm