Bosch Electric Corded Lawn Raker Verti Cutter AVR 1100 240V 1100W Aerator

By Bosch
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Providing deep slitting across its 32cm (13") working width for aeration, moss and thatch removal, featuring patented Jet-Collect system, creating high speed airflow to blast everything into the 50 litre collection box and help prevent blockages. The 1100 watt Power-drive motor turns 14 stainless steel blades, combined with airflow inlets quickly and completely removing the layer of thatch consisting of plant debris, moss and weeds form the lawn. The working height can be set in 4 positions, from -10mm to +5mm, passing debris into the large 50 litre collection box that is stackable together with double folding handles for compact storage.
  • Material: Metal, Plastic
  • Bosch
  • Model details: 0.09 1100W 240V
  • Charge Time
  • 1100 watt powerdrive motor
  • 32cm (13") working width
  • 14 rotating stainless steel blades
  • Double folding handle
  • +5, 0, -5, -10mm working height adjustment
  • Large 50 litre collection box
  • If your lawn is more than two years old, has not been regularly maintained, is infested with moss or thatch or is waterlogged in places you need the Verticutter to provide efficient intensive care, to quickly prepare the lawn for reseeding.
  • Fast and complete collection of foam and thatch
  • An innovative drum with stainless steel blades and air intakes that quickly and completely remove the stubble layer of plant debris and weed from the lawn.
  • Capacity: Unknown50L
  • Features: Adjustable Height, Double folding handle, Easy Storage, Easy to use
  • Lawn Raker Metal, Plastic Multicoloured
  • Model:
  • Size: 9.9kg