Black+Blum Bento Lunch Box Orange

By Black and Blum
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Black+Blum's Bento Lunch Box is an ideal food storage container to take control of your diet and portion control, take your food with you wherever you go, reduce your food packaging website, and stop wasting money on expensive convenience foods. Your New Lunch Box Quality The Bento lunch box is made from food grade polypropylene that has added sea shell powder, so it feels more like a ceramic, but without the weight or fragility. The lid is made from Tritan, a premium co-polyester free from harmful leaching chemicals (BPA, BPS and phthalate). Ideal On The Go Lunch Food Container This Bento Box is the perfect size to take with you wherever you go. The lunch box includes a sauce pot, divider and fork for your simple eating convenience. The handy saucepot is the perfect way to keep your sauce separate from the rest of your meal and avoid those soggy lunches. The food divider is there to compartmentalise your food. The fork has a sharper edge down the one side this makes it easier to cut food and eat with one hand. Your Lunch Box is dishwasher safe, however if you get those stubborn residue stains you can remove it by applying bicarbonate of soda with a damp cloth. Your food container is microwave safe but make sure to unfasten the lid before microwaving. There is a maximum 2-minute heating rule, thereafter repeat if you need to heat your food further. Food Compatibility This food container is also ideal use a meal prep container suitable for smaller portions on pasta, rice and sushi. Capacity: 500ml of food filling space. Available in a variety of colours including lime, ocean, honey, black-red, and orange. Box Contains 1 × lunch box1 × sauce pot1 × fork
  • Material: Plastic
  • Model details: 1054583
  • PERFECT SIZE: Ideal size for a single portion, but don’t be fooled by the size - this holds more than you think
  • LEAK PROOF: The two clips on the lid ensure your food stays in the box and the wide silicone seal is easy to remove for easy cleaning
  • CUTTING EDGE FORK: This lunch box with lid comes with a fork and knife combined, making one handed eating a piece of cake
  • SAUCE POT AND FOOD DIVIDER: The sauce pot and slider divider make it easy to compartmentalise and keep your food neatly organised
  • SAUCE WELL IN LID: For your convenience this food container lid has a neat sauce well which you can fill for dipping your food in
  • Capacity: Unknown500 ml
  • Bento Boxes Plastic Orange
  • Included: 1 × lunch box1 × sauce pot1 × fork
  • Size: 19 x 10.8 x 6.4 cm