All-Clad Fry Pan with 5-Ply Brushed Stainless Steel Non-Stick 25.4cm 10 Inch

By All-Clad
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A true kitchen staple, this All-Clad 10" d5 Brushed Stainless Steel Fry Pan is great for searing, browning, and pan-frying. Its flat bottom and flared sides make for easy tossing or turning with a spatula. The pan accommodates cooking at higher heat with oils to develop foods with full flavor, color, and crisp texture. The only cookware of its kind, All-Clad d5 stainless features a patented technology of five alternating layers of responsive aluminum and durable heat-diffusing stainless steel. All-Clad d5 stainless cookware heats slowly and evenly, which means perfectly browned proteins throughout, from the center all the way to the edges. The 5-ply bonded cookware's 18/10 stainless steel interior with a highly polished starburst finish offers natural stick resistance and prevents food from picking up a metallic taste, while its fingerprint-free brushed stainless exterior offers exceptional beauty. Made in the USA and dishwasher-safe, All-Clad d5® Stainless cookware provides a lifetime of cooking enjoyment.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Model details: 5Ply
  • 5-Ply bonded construction consists of durable stainless steel, aluminum, and a thick copper core for even heating, warp-free strength, and reliable responsiveness.
  • Two aluminum layers, one to conduct and one to sustain heat.
  • Patented stainless-steel core diffuses heat for consistent results.
  • Magnetic stainless-steel exterior for durability and dishwasher-safe ease.
  • 8/10 stainless-steel interior for foolproof browning and easy cleanup.
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Durable, Non-stick coating, Dishwasher safe, Ergonomic Handle
  • Frying Pan Stainless Steel Silver
  • Included: 1 x Frying Pan
  • Size: (Dia)25.4 cm