Alan Silverwood Mini Round Cake Pan 16 piece Set 12304 Professional Quality 6cm

By Alan Silverwood
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When you need to make multiple miniature cakes or breads, this ingenious set of mini moulds and tray is exactly what you need to make the job quicker, easier and turn out perfectly every time. 16 individual cake pans held securely on a tray with a lip on all side to prevent them sliding when being placed or removed from the oven. The clever 2 piece body enables your bakes, breads and cakes to be easily removed from the moulds without any damage. Perfect for weddings, children’s parties and entertaining, they can also be used separately as food rings for plating or cooking. Silverwood bakeware improves with use, frequent use will enhance their release properties as the 'patina' builds up. This causes a slight discolouration of the pans but is actually a microscopic build-up of a lubricant film. Greasing with natural fats such as butter or lard is recommended rather than manufactured fats such as margarine. Flavourless oils such Peanut/Ground nut oil are also ideal and will yield wonderful results without affecting the taste. Alan Silverwood baking equipment is bakeware that is designed to last and perform well.
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Model details: 12304
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Easy Clean, Non-Stick
  • Cake Tin Aluminium Silver
  • Included: 1 x 16 piece set
  • Size: 6cm / 2.5"