aerolatte 6-Cup MokaVista/Stovetop Espresso Maker Silver 6-Cup/330 ml

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Size: 6-Cup/330 ml Product Description Espresso Coffee - More than just a Shot! Both a beverage in its own right and a specific coffee-brewing technique, espresso has been the preferred method of coffee preparation in restaurants, bars and coffee shops in many parts of the world for well over a century. As the basis for many of today’s popular coffee drinks, including macchiato, cappuccino, latte and Americano, espresso has become increasingly popular in the English-speaking world since the 1980s. This is due, in part, to the tradition of drinking coffee alongside milk in these regions. The boom in popularity of espresso coffee has prompted an increased requirement for gadgets that enable its preparation at home. Although it’s impossible to replicate the espresso that is produced by commercial machines that use either a spring-loaded piston or an electric pump, modern-day devices make as near to espresso-style coffee that is achievable in a domestic environment. The aerolatte MokaVista/Stovetop Espresso Maker Released in 2015 as an adaptation of the original Moka Express (created in 1933), the aerolatte MokaVista/Stovetop Espresso Maker is perfect for producing delicious espresso-style coffee at home. As with the iconic Moka Express, aerolatte’s version also incorporates the traditional shaped/flat edges around the top of the device. However, unlike the original - and in order to provide a more contemporary feel to the product - the aerolatte design team opted to integrate smooth edges throughout the middle and lower sections of the MokaVista, as well as a rounded base. The inside of the device is specifically ‘machined’ in order to produce a sleek finish that is a characteristic of premium-quality moka pots. The heavy-duty aluminium gauge (3.5-4 mm) lends a general weight and robustness to the item that is not evident in cheaper alternatives. The ‘Window’ to a Perfect Espresso Coffee! In addition to the highly practical fill line within the base, and the impact tolerance/heat-resistance of the nylon handle, the aerolatte MokaVista has one feature in particular that helps produce the perfect cup of espresso: an ingenious window within the lid. The biggest barrier to making delicious espresso coffee using a moka pot is not knowing when the brewing process is complete. If left on the stove/hob for too long, the coffee will become bitter and spoilt. The window within the lid of the MokaVista prevents this by ensuring that the user can detect the all-important point at which the coffee begins to pour out of the percolating column. Once this occurs then the device can be removed from the heat source and brewing can be completed without any danger of spoilage. The window also prevents the inevitable loss of heat that results from continually opening the lid to check the coffee. Guarantee and Size Variations As is standard with all aerolatte items, the MokaVista/Stovetop Espresso Maker is guaranteed for a period of 2 years in accordance with the care and use instructions provided. The item is available in 3 different sizes: 1) 3-Cup (165 ml). 2) 6-Cup (330 ml). 3) 9-Cup (495 ml). Tips for Making Perfect Espresso Coffee with your aerolatte MokaVista/Stovetop Espresso Maker 1) Use fresh, espresso blend coffee of a medium to fine grind. 2) Do not compress/tamp down the coffee within the filter as this will impede extraction. 3) Heat gently for 2-4 minutes. 4) If using a gas stove/hob, ensure that the flame remains within the diameter of the base of the device. 5) When the coffee begins to pour out of the percolating column, remove the MokaVista from the heat source and allow it to brew for an additional minute. About aerolatte - the Incredibly Frothy Coffee Company aerolatte was established in 1999 in order to offer a solution for making perfect frothy milk - something that its founders didn’t believe was possible using steam-based machines. The company’s hand-held, battery-operated device, known as the ‘original steam-free milk frother’, was the first of its kind within the international market and revolutionised the way we enjoy cappuccino, caffè latte, hot chocolate and milkshakes at home. Following the release of the widely-acclaimed chrome model, aerolatte focused on producing a range of frothers that were suitable for a wide array of customers. This included specific variations in materials, finishes, designs and packaging. In 2011, aerolatte made a conscious decision to expand into the ever-evolving world of home coffee. Since then the company has developed an innovative collection of products that are contemporary designs of traditional items. This includes French presses, espresso and moka pots, fully-automated electric frothing machines and a selection of practical accessories. Whatever the product, the objective of aerolatte remains the same: to allow the consumer to achieve professional results at home, simply and easily. Box Contains: 1 x aerolatte MokaVista/Stovetop Espresso Maker, 6-Cup/330 ml
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Model details: 967341
  • Stylish adaptation of the original Italian moka pot that was created in the 1930's
  • Smooth edges and round base provide a contemporary feel to a classic/traditional product
  • 330 ml capacity - ideal for making up to 6 cups of espresso-style coffee at home
  • Fill-line within the base ensures that the correct quantity of water is added
  • Heavy-duty aluminium gauge (3.5-4 mm) provides general robustness and ensures optimal generation/retention of heat and correct water temperature
  • Window within the lid allows the brewing process to be monitored without the loss of heat
  • Nylon handle provides maximum impact tolerance and increased heat resistance
  • Capacity: Unknown330 ml
  • Stovetop Coffee Makers Aluminium Silver
  • Included: 1 x aerolatte MokaVista/Stovetop Espresso Maker, 6-Cup/330 ml
  • Size: 16.5 x 10.2 x 19 cm 481 g