56 Smiths Bundle Snacks Scampi Fries Bacon Card Salt & Vinegar Chipsticks

By Smiths
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From humble beginnings as an apprentice greengrocer, Frank Smith went on to establish his own snacks company in 1920. Smith's crisps soon became a household name - a staple in every soldier's ration bag in World War II. By 1949, nearly every pub in Britain stocked Smith's and it remains a household name to this day, famous for creating many iconic snacks including Frazzles and Chipsticks. Please see below what is included in the bundle.
  • 24 x Smiths Scampi Fries Card 27g
  • 24 x Smiths Bacon Fries Card 24g
  • Smiths Chipsticks Salt & Vinegar 8 x 17g
  • Crisps Mix