3-spray pattern Chrome effect Shower riser rail kit

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This shower kit from has a chrome effect finish, and is ideal for changing the appearance of your bathroom or shower enclosure. It comes with fixings supplied, for easy and quick installation.
  • Model details:
  • Easy clean : The shower head is equipped with rubber nozzles making it easier to clean.
  • Riser rail with adjustable settings.
  • This shower head has 3 different jet types for you to set ideal shower.
  • Comes complete with soap dish.
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Shower riser rail kit Silver
  • Included: Included: 1x shower head (3 functions), 1x fixed overhead, 1x hose 1.5m(F9mm),1x hose 0.6m(F9mm), 1x riser rail 90cm(F22mm), 1x shower head holder
  • Size: 2.41kg